The Bus

As of July 2023 we have spent nearly 2 years trying to get designed, approved and built an extension to our shop so that we could setup a bar & cafe addition. After waiting so long we decided to try and resolve the problem in a way that means we wouldn’t have to wait much longer, that discussion led to the decision that we should buy a double decker bus; after all a quick bit of research taught me that a train carriage just wouldn’t fit in the driveway.

So after a quick search and with the incredible help and advice of the team at Used Coach Sales we purchased this 2000 DAF DB250LF Alexander ALX400 Double Decker bus in August 2023

In the early hours of the 11th August our new purchase arrived after a long journey from its previous home in Bootle, England where until recently it was still being used to ferry children to and from school.

The bus itself has an interesting history for its designed purpose and now it will have what we think will be an equally interesting future as we convert it to a mobile bar & cafe.

Originally our idea was simply to find a way to keep our customers warm and dry over winter, a quick easy solution was to strip out the bus and just put some tables and chairs in to obtain that warm dry place people will look for.  Of course after telling people of our simple, cheap and effective plans we were soon offered some ideas and now it is to become a mobile bar & cafe and I will as best I can document the transformation and we will look to our customers for more advice and inspiration as we undertake this project.

X435FGP - DLA235 - DAF DB290 Alexander ALX400 X435FGP - DLA235 - DAF DB290 Alexander ALX400X435FGP Lower Deck on delivery

If you want to learn more about the history of our bus I have it all listed here and of course if you watch our News section you can follow the progress of the conversion